Microsoft Xbox One pre-orders get delivered way before time, give away number of details

We know that a number of consumers must have pre-ordered the Microsoft Xbox One console and are waiting for their very own console to arrive. Many of you might also be busy planning a surprise party for your Xbox One console, but some very few consumers have already got the delivery of their pre-order! Yes, this might sound weird to you and you might not want to believe it, but the news has already been confirmed by Microsoft. It so happens that some lucky consumers have already started getting the Microsoft Xbox One console two weeks in advance! As of now, the count we know if said to be 3 – 3 Microsoft Xbox One consoles have been delivered. Out of these 3 deliveries, two of them are said to have originated from Target and one of them made an appearance on eBay where it was up for sale for $10,000! But the listing was soon taken down and the console is not available on eBay anymore. So there is no proof whether the seller really had an Xbox One console or whether he was just trying


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